New Site Design has undergone yet another makeover. After moving it over to CraftSites hosting, I wanted to give it a fresh, minimalistic look. The result is now live, and I thought I’d share a few notes about the design.

I started with some inspiration from Smashing Magazine and decided to color-code my posts by category. That was pretty easy, considering that WordPress bakes category information into each post <div>. I’m not sure I’m exactly happy with the category colors yet, but those can always be tweaked later.

Next, I decided to incorporate the new Ubuntu font to add some typographic flair. Just released as part of Maverick Meerkat, this font is special because it is both professional-grade and open source. The embedding was accomplished via the CSS @font-face feature, but I’m a little concerned about the size of the TrueType font files. I’m very pleased with the result, though, because it’s a modern, clean, easy-to-read look.

This theme is built on the Thematic framework, so I had the opportunity to play around with some of the Thematic function hooks. I tweaked the search bar, page menu, etc., and it was all very simple to accomplish. Working with a WordPress framework can really simplify the design and layout of a new site.